Lockers V3
Subgraph API


This Subgraph indexes liquidity locking contracts associated with the Proof of Reserves, optimized for compatibility with Uniswap v3 and its subsequent forks. It has the capability to index several v3-compatible Automated Market Makers (AMMs) for each blockchain. Each lock is assigned a unique, automatically incrementing nonce, regardless of the AMM involved. To prevent potential ID collision, especially in areas like the NFT position ID, the NFT Position manager address is used as a prefix.

Active Pool Liquidity

The active liquidity of a token can vary significantly as its price fluctuates and enters different liquidity ranges. This results in dynamic changes to the percentage locked, in stark contrast to Uniswap v2 where each liquidity position covered the entire range. For instance, a liquidity provider (LP) might offer liquidity within a specific, narrow price range. If the current price falls into this range, the locked liquidity could significantly decrease for a certain period. In such cases, it might be more useful to represent the liquidity, locked token amounts, or the locked value in USD.


While the majority of the data is updated in real-time, there can be exceptions that may result in outdated information. For instance, assets with low liquidity might have slightly outdated Total Value Locked (TVL) or locked liquidity (as reflected in Lock.lockedLiquidity and similar metrics). This typically only happens with low liquidity assets and the USD value of the asset. To obtain the most accurate data, it's recommended to compare the unlock date with the current timestamp and compare the token reserves with the current ETH price at the time of data retrieval.