Why The Graph

The Graph Protocol is a decentralised network that serves API requests through its distributed network of indexers. Graph queries are constructed using GraphQL, which allows a high degree of flexibility for the caller. This combination ensures that responses are accurate and fast, and the requests are highly customizable.


In order to obtain your API key, you must first connect your wallet to the Graph and charge your balance with GRT tokens. This can also be accomplished by paying with a card at (opens in a new tab). To avoid exposure to market fluctuations, you have the option to peg your tokens to a stablecoin.

Pricing Structure

You might consider using Arbitrum for payments, as the fees are significantly cheaper. The Graph charges a variable rate per request, which can be adjusted according to your needs. If you require higher quality responses, you can choose to pay a higher rate.

Getting Your API Key

Visit (opens in a new tab) to create an API key using your wallet.